Recent Additions

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The Rock – Eakin Creek Canyon Provincial Park – Derek Chambers

6 thoughts on “Recent Additions”

    1. Fred, the Vienna Woods photo was taken in the late morning on a misty day. I was lucky enough to be able to move around so that a tree was positioned behind the web giving me a dark background. It’s a fast shutter speed because the shot was made handheld, but with a small aperture to ensure good depth of field. The web was actually one of many on a large wrought iron gate. Each web was coated with condensation, because of the mist, and whole collection was very beautiful. On the other hand, because of the mist I couldn’t get the long shot of Vienna that we’d traveled up to Kahlenberg to get! Oh well, maybe next time …


  1. Thanks Rick. I found the Fire and Ice workshop very enlightening, not just because of Darwin and Sam but also because of you and the others. You all showed me how many different ways there were to interpret the same material – an invaluable lesson in the complexity and multifaceted nature of “seeing”.


  2. Hi Derek, Your photos are excellent….I love how you can capture the colors….. I am down here in Agassiz….Wish I could make the dates….My step daughter ( 44 ) its here birthday…..on feb.4th…..Feb. 5th is my wifes birthday. and on the 7th Step son wife is having as over for my gals birthday….The only thing I don’t like . My gal has to bring the food over ….Catch you later, David Rickenbacher


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