Kristen Cook

Kristen is one of my granddaughters and is an accomplished wedding and events photographer, based in Victoria. We were lucky enough to host her at Eagleridge as she was on her way to a workshop in Golden. During Kristen’s visit she and I had fun in my studio making pictures.

KC01-S9832 – Portrait: Kristen Cook – Derek Chambers
KC01-S9928 – Portrait of Kristen Cook – Derek Chambers
KC01-S0002 – The Lady and the White Feathers – Derek Chambers
KC03-S0183 – Portrait of Kristen – Derek Chambers
KC02-S0458 – Portrait of Kristen Cook – Derek Chambers
KC02-S0502 – Portrait of Kristen in Black and White – Derek Chambers
KC02-S0588 – The Flower Seller – Derek Chambers
KC03-S0654 – Marked By Light – Derek Chambers
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