Kaua’i Photos Added

Feral Rooster _DSC5186- ©Derek Chambers
Feral Rooster _DSC5186- ©Derek Chambers

Feral chickens, brought by the first Polynesian settlers, outnumber the human population of Kaua’i, even at the height of tourist season, by a wide margin.  They are everywhere and pretty, but the cocks crow constantly.

And in case you are wondering about their food value, here’s a recipe we were given:  take a large pot, fill it 2/3 with water, place a medium sized lava stone in it, together with the plucked and cleaned chicken.  Simmer gently until the lava stone is soft.  Chicken is ready to be eaten.

Here’s a more classic view of Kaua’i:

Classic Hawaii _DSC5089- ©Derek Chambers
Classic Hawaii _DSC5089- ©Derek Chambers

Many more Kaua’i photos are here.

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