About Derek Chambers Photography

Derek Chambers
Derek Chambers

An amateur photographer; a retired lecturer, college administrator and computer consultant; a builder of gardens; a returner of forested land to meadows; a resident of the Bridge Lake area of the South Cariboo, in British Columbia – just some of the things I am.  Where we live, we are surrounded by beautiful four season forested, lake-filled country and visited by legions of wildlife (most of which is benign and with whom we are happy to share our 55 acres /22.5 hectares, but some of whom, like the far too inquisitive young bear, the garden flowers-munching deer, or the peripatetic skunk, are occasionally troublesome).

Bridge Lake and Area
Bridge Lake and Area

Although my university degrees are in Physics and Mathematics, and my working career led me to further study in Computer Science (disciplines requiring exactitude and precision of thought),  I have had a lifelong interest in the more emotional and fuzzier worlds of classical music, art and photography.

Until a few years ago almost all my photographs were simply typical records of the passing of life: family, pets, landscapes, travels, and other events.  But now, since I have all the time I need, I have embarked upon a voyage to develop my artistic vision, not only by honing my technical skills but, more importantly, by developing my own visual style.  This is an ongoing process, with many stumbles and the odd “eureka” moment.

I am immensely helped along the way by being a member of the Bridge Lake Photo Group, a wonderful source of information, assistance and inspiration.

My photographs are made to feed my need to capture the beauty of the world around us, big and small.  We know that photographs can tell a surprising story, arouse emotions, please the eye, or reveal a secret world – all we have to do is “see” with a photographer’s vision.  Developing that vision is my quest and, in some sense, my photographs document my journey.

Not all the photographs here are representative of my quest.  A few have been selected merely to remind me of visits to exotic places which took place before I started to apply some of the “rules” of composition, lighting, simplifying and so forth.  And at least one is of an historical event – you can guess which that is.

Of the photographs I take, the ones that most please me get posted here.  Of course my tastes will differ from yours, but I hope you will like some of them as well.

I have collected my images into groups whose names make sense to me.  Many photos appear in more than one group. You can access any group by selecting its name from the list in the left column of this page (or the bottom of the page if you are on a device with a small screen).  To see any photo full size, just click on it.  If it seems fuzzy at first, wait a moment until the photo has completely downloaded to your screen.

If you like anything you see here, comments are always welcome.  You can get in touch with me by completing the following contact form.

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